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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sad but, nothing can kill the human spirit

Some places was rocked by serial bomb blasts.

In this news their was this news of tracking down few more bombs and defusing it before they exploded.
Nothing can kill our spirits in fighting terrorism. What matters is humanity. And for these terrorists human slaughter is fun.
I am dedicating this thread to curse these terrorist. Everyone has a fire inside them for them, pour out and curse them and it will work, at the same time pray for all those who have been affected irreversibly by these inhuman acts of terrorism
For terrorists: May their souls rot in hell and they and their whole cult be punished by the almighty and on the day of judgement they feel the pain of hell loose on them.
For people who died yesterday : God shall avenge your death. You have gone to the heavenly abode with unfullfilled wishes and left back a remorseful family. I pray to god that all your unfulfilled wishes may be granted and mercy will decent upon you and your soul will be at peace.
We have guided missiles but misguided people. Lord show them the path to the righteousness. I know the judgement day is near. Have mercy on our souls, for we dont understand you made this world beautiful but, we have sinned and converted it into a living hell.

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