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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Movie Review - Three Kings

I have to admit first I was born without the gene that understands why countries go to war. I don't understand who is fighting, why they are, the whole concept is a mystery to me. On a moral level its extremely offensive and completely unpleasant for all involved. So by extension its hard to watch a war movie because I go in already confused.

But I know a good movie when I see one, and this is a very good movie in many ways. This movie has a heart, some fantastic acting and something worthwhile to say. It was not hard to watch or understand, especially since, like I said, I don't always get it. But I will be watching this one again. At times it felt like a documentary. All the acting is so natural, no one makes a false move and you can't say that about most movies.

The beginning of the film left me wondering if it would be worth watching at all as the director seemingly tried every unneeded camera trick in the book in five minutes. After that, as the film settles into telling its story, it takes flight and becomes one of the great war films of our time.

Three Kings is an anti-war film. Its opening scenes are not the declaration of war, but soldiers celebrating its end. Then coming to grips with its consequences.

Of course, Saddam Hussein is depicted in the customary role of the villain, but then so is George Bush whose abandonment of the Iraqi people he had called to rise against Saddam is illustrated with examples of human suffering - emotional as well as physical.

You'll feel as though you've been there after spending two hours with these guys who start out as mercenaries, but end up as... Well, see it and find out for yourself.  And I also didn't know Infiniti made a convertible!!!!!!

My ratings 8.4/10..


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