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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What My Heart Sees


Does it really matter
What the eyes see
I have trusted the vision
Too many times
That was in front of me
For what you see with your eyes
Can deceive
It is what my heart sees
That I believe

The eyes of the heart
Sees the truth
Do you know why
The heart is the soul of a person
It cannot lie

When two hearts speak
To each other
A truthfulness is there
Appearances can be false
You see only the shell of someone
As you stare

There will be a moment
When they speak
You will know
The appearance they present
Is only for show

But when the words
Come from a person's heart
These words are seasoned well
There is a warmth in what they say
A truthfulness that you can tell

What my heart sees
Is only you
What my heart says
Is forever true

My heart finds no happiness
With anyone else
It aches for only your touch
You are the one my heart needs
I love you very much

Hear with your heart
Feel with your heart
See with your heart
And then......
Follow your heart

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